Beginning at 18 years old drawing for Pacific Comics, Kevin has written, and/or drawn for most of the major comic book publishers in his career-- From Marvel and DC to Valiant, Caliber, IDW and Image, Kevin has enjoyed working in a field he’s loved since he was a boy.

Until recently, Kevin was probably best known in comics for being one of the creators of BLOODSHOT for Valiant Comics. The Valiant Era, as it’s often called was a boom-time in comic books, with Kevin often seeing a combined monthly circulation of more than a million copies.

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In recent years, Kevin has written mostly for DC Comics-- creating such titles as Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves and ORACLE: The Cure.

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Some thoughts on Kevin’s comic book work...

"Thankfully, this series stands very well on its own, though it's tied to Battle
for the Cowl, and references to the Batman's absence in Gotham City are woven
into the narrative. Kevin VanHook excels in his characterization of Barbara
Gordon, retelling the story of the Joker's bullet crippling her spine without
being heavy handed. Indeed, the writing is of exceptional quality. VanHook's
dialog is natural, and his narration is perfect. The script doesn't contain much
action, but doesn't drag either." Review by Steve Kanaras, posted April 01, 2009

"VanHook's script succeeds mainly on the strength of his Barbara
characterization. We see her strong, crafty, intelligent side as she plugs back
into the grid and puts on her Oracle face again. But we also see her more
innocent and almost Peter Parker-like side as she deals with everyday struggles
like taking a shower in a handicapped-unfriendly apartment or meeting her father
for a dinner date. It's a nice balance that doesn't focus too heavily on any one
aspect. VanHook also throws in a nice dose of humor, which offsets the generally
somber tone of Battle for the Cowl nicely. " Jesse Schedeen--

"From the terrific opening page - a Rear Window-style snapshot of Babs' new
building - to the terrible cliffhanger, writer Kevin VanHook does everything
right. He reintroduces old friends, adds some new ones (the Brenda
Morgenstern-like Cheese-fiend is great fun), sets up the story, mixes and stands
well back. Despite my being tired of the Calculator after his dozens of
appearances over the last few years, VanHook makes him fresh again, adding a
layer of real menace to the man. One thing I particularly enjoyed was Vanhook's
proving that the omniscient narrator is alive and well - apart from some Oracle
thought boxes at the start (would actual bubbles have killed you, DC?), this is
a one-voice book. That's refreshing, these days."

"Writer Kevin VanHook (Bloodshot, Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves)
has a really difficult task here and he rises to the occasion with flying
colors. Creating a series that deals with the Internet and focuses on a woman
without the use of her legs calls for the writer to be great with dialogue and
plot development. VanHook “hooks” you from the get go and then slowly reels you
in. Bit by bit he lets things happen allowing tension to build from page to
page. VanHook also lets the reader discover the possibilities of where this
could lead. That kind of writing takes a real knowledge of pacing and an ability
to create action without relying on huge action scenes."-- Iann Robinson--