Chapters closed

Trespass is done. It’s in God’s hands now, as they say-- they’ll make whatever color corrections need to be made and film out the project. Proud of the work and the team.

Found out that a fellow I knew years ago had died yesterday. Ed Mather-- someone I met through artist/writer Dave Conover. When I was around those guys back in the mid-80’s in Louisville, KY, Ed was eccentric, but a nice guy who seemed to get an enormous kick out of crossing any boundaries that might be lying around. For years I’ve told stories of, “Evil Ed,” and his escapades. Yesterday, I just happened to check Facebook and saw Dave’s post that Ed had died. Had I looked last night, the post might have rolled off and I wouldn’t have noticed. But I did notice and I have to say that it’s weighed on me a bit. It’s always sad when a person dies and moreso if it’s someone you know. This was a man I hadn’t seen in the last two decades, but I think it was his relative youth (around 50, I suppose), and the fact that it seems he battled with various personal demons for a long, long time. I think it’s also the wasted/lost potential that is gone forever that makes it all the more sad. My thoughts are with him and his family & friends.